Pharmacy Technology Consulting
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Our many years of background and experience in Pharmacy Management System Software and Retail Management (Point-of-Sale) Software have provided detailed exposure to the spectrum of issues and challenges faced by Pharmacy System Vendors, independent pharmacies, chain pharmacies and institutional pharmacies. Information technology experience derived from years of hands-on involvement in the system development and deployment process has acquainted us with a broad array of technology solutions, system architectures and product development considerations. We are broadly conversant in the language and concepts of technology – in addition to specifics of the pharmacy industry.  This experience level enables us to quickly cut to the heart of your issues or concerns, without the typical learning curve associated with consultants whose expertise lies outside of the professional pharmacy or pharmacy technology arenas. We truly have been there and we really have done that!

One of the most valuable aspects of this accumulation of expertise is the capability it confers to integrate insights across multiple business functions, rather than being constrained by a more limited knowledge base. We can think outside the box because we’ve lived outside the box! Following are some of our specific areas of focus for your consideration:

Pharmacy Technology Evaluation and Selection – Whether you are considering the acquisition of a new pharmacy management system or point-of-sale system, evaluating automated dispensing technology or looking for ways to utilize your existing technology more effectively, we can bring valuable insights and understanding to evaluating alternatives and recommending decisions that create successful solutions. Let us help you develop Requests for Proposal or Information (RFP/RFI), evaluate technology options, screen candidate organizations and specify contract provisions necessary to ensure successful implementation of your desired solution. 

Product Management, Product Strategy and Marketing – Our experience managing a marketing organization provides understanding of what it takes to get your message out, create customer loyalty and understand the needs of actual or prospective customers. Let us help you with Market Research, Messaging and Marketing Communications, Product Strategy, User Needs Analysis, Business Requirements Development, Product Commercialization, Lead Management and Sales Support.

Regulatory Management – Our experience managing legal and regulatory compliance in one of the most highly regulated health care environments provides perspective on the requirements for automated systems and the need for ongoing regulatory monitoring and compliance. Specific experience includes implementation of HIPAA Transaction, Privacy and Security Standards, and assuring compliance with state pharmacy regulations and Federal regulations – especially those promulgated and enforced by the FDA, CMS and DEA. Let us help you evaluate, remediate or maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Prescription Drug Claim Management – With experience gained through many years of claim management and payment reconciliation responsibility for a 250 store regional drug chain, operation of a small Prescription Benefit Management (PBM) company and culminating with the management of a pre-paid claim management service for retail pharmacies, we possess detailed understanding of how the electronic claim process works and the operational issues surrounding these activities. Let us help you design, implement or enhance your Claim Management systems.

Business Development – experience developing relationships with third parties for delivery of software and hardware products and services, including software licensing, co-marketing and exclusive licensing arrangements, as well as management of vendor relationships over the contract term provides important perspective on what it takes to create successful partnerships. Let us help you to identify partners, develop Requests for Proposal or Information (RFP/RFI), negotiate agreements and develop contract management processes to assure successful third party relationships.

Data Management – Our experience managing data exchange, managing data partner relationships, implementing data security processes (especially in regard to HIPAA requirements) and providing operational management for data collection and distribution services provides understanding of the vital role that data plays in the modern marketplace, and the issues surrounding security of that data. Let us help you to add value to your business through improved data quality and management.

Other CapabilitiesIn addition to the areas of expertise above, our experience encompasses many additional aspects of the retail drugstore marketplace including, but not limited to; Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Medication Reconciliation, Electronic Prescribing, Long Term Care (LTC), Inventory Management, Retail Storefront Management, and 340B Programs. Let us help you to develop, enhance or maintain the capabilities that you need to profit from opportunities in these areas.



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